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Multi-User 3D Displays

Multi-user 3D displays offer individual 3D views for up to six users on a common projection surface. This allows users to perceive their own bodies as well as the physical presence of other participants in direct spatial relation to the displayed content. The shared display becomes a window into an extended reality. We were actively involved in the invention and initial prototypes of this technology at the Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar. Digital Projection from Manchester now offers a robust commercial solution with 4K image resolution and 25K lumens of laser light.

Multi-User 3D Displays

Collocated HMD-Setups

Head-mounted displays enable highly immersive experiences in virtual environments where people can meet from different locations, e.g. for training applications. However, the hardware also isolates users from their immediate environment, including other people present. Our applications therefore support local teams with accurate spatial registration of all participants and selected devices so that avatars and virtual props are spatially aligned with the real people and objects they represent.

Realtime 3D Capturing

We have extensive experience with real-time 3D capturing systems, based on clusters of calibrated depth cameras and the visualization of the resulting volumetric video. This technology can be used, for example, to implement immersive telepresence setups with realistic 3D video avatars.


Large Model Rendering

The visual quality of our real-time 3D visualizations is only bound to the quality of your 3D data. Large high-resolution 3D models, e.g. from photogrammetry, have immense memory requirements that usually exceed the size of graphics and also main memory. For a good visualization, however, the screen resolution must also be taken into account in order to avoid disturbing aliasing effects and to ensure fast image rendering. We use level-of-detail data structures with efficient data streaming techniques and out-of-core data management for output-sensitive real-time rendering of your high-quality data. Our systems automatically adjust the resolution of geometries and textures to the viewing perspective, ensuring efficient and high-quality rendering (see figure).

Large Model Rendering
3D model of Saint Heinrich from St. Michael, Bamberg is courtesy of Arctron 3D GmbH

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