con·​sen·sive | \ kən-ˈsen-siv \
: consensus-oriented, i.e. respecting different perspectives
// e.g. a consensive presentation

Social virtual reality for education, research, and training

Large photogrammetric 3D data
credits: Arctron 3D
Collocated and remote cooperation
HMD-based collaborative training

Realtime 3D Graphics

  • Large 3D data sets, e.g. high-resolution photogrammetric models
  • Large time-varying data, e.g. 3D video and telepresence

Collaborative VR Systems

  • Collocated and remote collaboration
  • HMD- and projection-based systems
  • Framework-agnostic developments

User Interfaces for Cooperation

  • Bimanual, multimodal, and social cooperation
  • Spatiotemporal coherence
  • Complementary roles
  • Custom I/O devices

Controlled Studies in Virtual Reality

  • Formal validation of novel interfaces and interaction methods
  • Social interaction studies in controlled environments

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